What To Consider Before You Buy A Condo

July 28th, 2016

Condos were once thought of as homes that attracted singles or couples, often without children. But today, condos are growing in popularity and attracting families of all sizes. Here are a few things that should considered before purchasing a condo.

A Six Step Media Room Tune-Up

July 28th, 2016

Most households have a room where the main activity is watching television. We’re well beyond needing simply an electrical outlet and a pair of rabbit ears to entertain ourselves at home — now, game consoles, cables, satellites, computer networks, streaming systems and stereo components can all communicate with your television.

4 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Home Equity

July 27th, 2016

You may be sitting on a goldmine. Or a small fortune. Or at least a little chunk of cash. Rising home prices across the country means homeowners have some equity. So what can you do with it? More importantly, what should you do with it? If you’ve got money in your house, you’ve got some options.

Is Ordinance or Law Insurance Right For Your HOA?

July 26th, 2016

Homeowner associations (especially condominiums) are required to properly insure the common elements which often include the structures. As buildings age, the unavoidable happens: they fall out of compliance with building codes.

4 Tips to Better Help You Adjust to Life in the U.S.

July 26th, 2016

As anyone who has moved to the United States from another country knows quite well, it can take a great deal of time to get acclimated. Everything — from learning a new language and customs to getting used to the different foods, shopping malls and rules of the road — can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming.

Many ‘Fix-It’ Projects Require A Contractor’s License

July 25th, 2016

It is common for home sellers to need to hire someone to do maintenance or corrective work in order to facilitate a sale. Sometimes such work will be done in order to prepare a house to go on the market. Sometimes it will be done in response to a buyer’s “fix-it” list.

Health and Fitness Focus of New Canadian Workplaces

July 25th, 2016

New office spaces offer sit-stand desks, improved air quality, access to natural light and views and even healthy snacks in the vending machines.

Top Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe When You’re On Vacation

July 24th, 2016

While you’re luxuriating in a tropical locale or in a quaint European town enjoying time with friends or loved ones, thieves could be planning to attack your home and ruin more than your vacation. There are some easy steps you can take to make your home look occupied while you’re away and protect your property.

10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Couch

July 24th, 2016

A couch isn’t just a place to sit. For many of us, it’s the biggest piece of furniture in a room, and also the most expensive. Get it right and you can set the tone for the rest of the space. But if it’s the wrong size or color, if you choose the wrong fabric for your lifestyle, or if it’s just plain uncomfortable, you may have regrets.

A Few Things Home Sellers Should Never Do

July 21st, 2016

When you prepare to put your home on the market, you hope that everything will go the way you imagine and that is your home will sell for over listing price the very first day it goes on the market. The reality isn’t so rosy. So if you’re thinking of doing any of the following five no-no’s, stop yourself right now.